My favorite South Park episodes

here are my favorite, most loved episodes

episode desc source

1. Free Hat (S06E09)

One of the first episodes I've watched. Also my favorite episode featuring my favorite character, Tweek. I don't really know why, I just find this episode to be very funny. I watch it every morning. (Also its episode 0609 laugh laugh laugh)

In the episode, the boys are angered at alterations made to films prior to their re-release, which they perceive as resultantly inferior. In response, they resolve to prevent any further changes to the films by apprehending their directors.

2. Cat Orgy (S03E07)

Just a stupid, silly episode. I like the bond between Eric and Shelly :]

On the night of a meteor shower, Liane goes to Mr. Mackey's party, leaving Cartman to be babysat by Stan's 12-year-old sister, Shelley, who is an aggressive bully. While babysitting, she invites her 22-year-old boyfriend, Skyler, over, who in turn invites the rest of his rock band to rehearse (despite Liane specifically telling her not to have anyone over).

3. Put it Down (S21E02)
CW: Suicide jokes, graphics imagery

Another episode with Tweek (sorry lmfao). I really like the gay representation in this episode. It portrays a healthy and non-steriotypical gay relationship.
Additionally, cartmans part in this episode is very enjoyable. The things he does is very like him and it's incredibly fun to laugh at because of just how stupid Cartman is.

Tweek Tweak performs an emotionally-charged song during a school assembly, in which he frantically warns of the growing tensions with North Korea, screaming at the apparent indifference of everyone. Tweek is further panicked by President Garrison's aggressive tweets to North Korea. Meanwhile, Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner have resumed dating after Cartman claims that Heidi was suicidal. However, Heidi gives Stan a voicemail by Cartman telling Heidi that he would commit suicide if she did not take him back. Stan shares it with the boys.

4. Tweek x Craig

What could be better to follow the last episode? Nothing. This episode is pure chaos. When I watched it for the first time, I could not stop laughing. However, I cringe everythime I watch it. I guess you could say I have a love/hate relationship with this episode.

PC Principal and Wendy host an assembly to introduce students to the Asian art of yaoi, which has increased due to the influx of Asian students. The pictures shown are all manga-style drawings of Tweek and Craig engaged in homoerotic and homosexual activity, and the gang is confused at this. Tweek and Craig are brought in to Principal's office where they both assert that they are not gay, but Principal tells them that if there is a relationship between them, they must have affirmative consent.


5. More Crap (S11E09)

I don't have much to say about this one. I just like it. It's an episode with randy so it's a bit sillier than other episodes. This one is also a bit crude so fair warning lmfao

Randy is severely constipated and has been unable to defecate for over three weeks. After taking a laxative, Randy undergoes an extremely painful bowel movement, during which he produces an abnormally large, football-shaped feces. Impressed at its size, he contacts the Zurich-based European Fecal Standards and Measurements office. Representatives from the institute conclude that Randy has achieved the world record, weighing the feces in at 8.6 courics.

6. Le Petit Tourette

Thomas is my second favorite charcater, by far. I love this episode with all my heart. Cartman is so goddamn stupid in this episode, as usual. His stupidity in this episode is especially laughable.

While shopping in a toy store, Cartman sees a boy named Thomas who continuously shouts obscenities, as his mother and other shoppers try to explain to Cartman that he has Tourette syndrome (TS). Cartman decides to pretend he has the disorder as well so he can get away with shouting obscenities himself, and successfully convinces his mother and a doctor, who diagnoses him with TS and notifies the school.


7. Gnomes (S02E17)

Tweeks debut episode. God. I think this is his best episode, tbh. I might be the only one to notice, but I feel like Tweek has changed a lot since this episode, personality wise. Especially in his voice. It's gotten a lot more raspy and deep, most noticable in 'Put it Down'.

Mr. Garrison's job is on the line because he does not teach anything relevant, so in an effort to save his job, he makes the class do oral presentations on a current event for the town committee. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny are grouped together with Tweek, a jittery child. Tweek suggests that the presentation be about the "Underpants Gnomes", tiny gnomes that sneak into his house and steal his underpants.

memorable quote:
"They're taking my underpants!!"

8. Damien (S01E10)

Damien. Jesus. Satan. Omen. yeah.

Cartman is excited about his upcoming birthday party and lets everyone invited know what present he expects to receive from each. When they protest, he threatens to ban them from eating the food his mother makes, something that immediately convinces them. They encounter a new student named Damien, son of Satan. The other boys mock him and, in response, Damien turns Kenny into a duck-billed platypus. Damien informs Jesus that Satan will rise for a final battle with him of good versus evil.

9. Hooked on Monkey Phonics

"Everywhere I go, I'm thinking of you, Rebecca. // I don't know what to do, Rebecca. // You're so nice, I'd like to get to know you better. // So what do you say we get together? // You really are quite good-looking, Rebecca! // You really are quite good-looking, Rebecca! // Rebecca, you're really quite good-looking! // You're a fox!"

In preparation for a spelling bee, Cartman's mother buys him a "Hooked on Monkey Fonics" system that features an actual live monkey playing the drums to keep with the beat of spelling and sounding out the words. After spelling a couple of words, Cartman believes he will have a chance to win the spelling bee. While at the spelling bee, the children face stiff competition from two homeschooled children, Rebecca and Mark Cotswalds.

10. Toilet Paper (S07E03)

The hannible/Silence of the Lambs references are golden. A gift from god truly

Mrs. Streibel, the art teacher, gives the boys detention for making a phallus out of clay in art class. Enraged, they take revenge by toilet papering her house that night. Kyle is horrified to discover that she has kids and soon regrets the deed, later having nightmares about it. The next day, the boys are called to the counsellor's office, and Cartman comes up with a ridiculously elaborate alibi. With Kyle struggling to comprehend the details of this convoluted story, Cartman grows concerned that he may confess.

11. Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society (S06E10)

Again with the silence of the lambs references! Jesus Christ TwT

The children return to school for the first time since the death of Ms. Choksondik in the episode "Simpsons Already Did It", for the time being Mr. Mackey will teach them. During the break, Bebe (Wendy's best friend) has started to develop breasts. Though they are small (she at first thought they were mosquito bites), they prompt all the boys in town to begin to think that she is unusually smart and cool, without even understanding why.

memorable quote:
"I believe she's playing Lambs over at Eric Cartmans house."